Case Studies/Pilot Test Findings

PTI-sponsored pilot projects and case studies are designed to help implement PTI within your company

These pilot projects are designed to help answer implementation questions and to help develop well-informed best practices. Case studies document early adopters' experiences and learnings implementing the PTI within their companies. Postings may include information about pilots and case studies conducted and/or provided by industry members; any mention of a specific solution or technology provider they used does not constitute a PTI endorsement.

Pilot Project Participants

The following companies are among those who are participating in PTI pilot projects as of Jan. 1, 2012.

To volunteer to participate in a PTI pilot project, contact PMA's Ed Treacy and see the sign-up sheet:

Pilot Test Findings

Produce Traceability Pilot Report Using ASNs (Part 1)

Oppenheimer, Safeway and iTradeNetwork began a pilot in May of 2011 to review the process for implementation of the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI). This is one of several pilots initiated from the PTI Implementation Working Group charged with gathering pilot test results, identifying costs, challenges, opportunities, and testing Best Practice guidance documents.

Produce Traceability Pilot Report: ASN Test Cases and Sample Files (Part 2)

This report includes Advance Ship Notice (ASN) test cases and sample ASN files.

Tracing Grapes from Chilean Field to U.S. Grocery

See how a traceability pilot implemented the PTI labeling and communications standards to follow red and green seedless grapes from Chile to retail stores across the Southern United States.

Produce Traceability Pilot Sponsored by Underwriters Laboratories (Video)

This multi-party traceability pilot conducted by LoBue Citrus, Associated Grocers, C.H. Robinson, and FoodLogiQ studied tracking of citrus from grove to grocer. This video highlights PTI milestones, details of PTI compliant case and pallet labeling, and documents the importance of critical tracking events throughout the supply chain.

Case Studies

Ocean Mist Farms Implements PTI Best Practices

Learn about Ocean Mist Farms' implementation of Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) best practices and what benefits the business realized from this work.

The Oppenheimer Group

Discover how this Global produce distributor uses the Advance Ship Notice for efficiently sharing traceability data.

Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms (May 2013)

Discover how Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms uses GS1 standards for produce traceability and real-time inventory management to deliver a safe and tasty product.

JemD Farms (July 2012)

Read how JemD Farms demonstrates its commitment to food safety, enhances its reputation for innovation, and improves business operations by implementing all Produce Traceability Initiative milestones.

Paramount Citrus (May 2011)

Implementing the PTI is enabling this citrus industry leader to better trace its products forward and backward, while also providing faster door-to-door efficiencies, lower costs and greater customer satisfaction.

Growers Express (May 2011)

With 50,000 acres spread over multiple states and countries and crops rotated more than twice annually, Growers Express found lot integrity was hard to maintain and traceability suffered. By assigning case labels with GS1 GTINs, the company now has real-time traceability for every one of the 18 million cartons it ships annually. As a result, traceability is facilitated field to shelf, stringent food safety measures are followed and documented, the company has increased productivity and realized substantial savings and efficiencies.

Frontera Produce (October 2010)

Learn how Frontera gained visibility into its supply chain with GS1 barcodes for enhanced food safety.

Volunteer for a Pilot Project

PTI Pilot Project Sign-up Sheet (November 2010)

Use this document if interested in participating in a PTI pilot.