PTI/FYI e-news September/October 2013

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News: Leadership Council Meeting Update

The PTI Leadership Council held its second semiannual meeting this year on October 16 in New Orleans, Louisiana, in conjunction with the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) Fresh Summit 2013. The council’s 32 executives, who represent every facet of the produce supply chain, discussed the progress industry is making toward meeting PTI milestones and implementing best practices. To help document this progress, the Council requested that all PTI volunteer organizations from both the supply and demand side of the produce industry complete or update their PTI Scorecard by Nov. 15; and it also continues to support the use of the Advance Ship Notice (ASN) as the preferred method of exchanging traceability data among trading partners. For the full press release about the PTI Leadership Council meeting, please click here.

Case Study: ASN Pilot Project Reveals Improved Efficiency for Sharing Traceability Data

The results of an Advance Ship Notice (ASN) pilot project conducted by The Oppenheimer Group, Safeway and iTradeNetwork are now published in a case study documenting the challenges and solutions of using ASNs in the order fulfillment process. The pilot project aimed to explore the costs, benefits and barriers of implementation, and found the ASN not only offered a more efficient way of sharing traceability data, but also provided additional supply chain benefits for both suppliers and buyers. Read the full case study here.

The detailed pilot reports that include using Advance Ship Notice (ASN), ASN test cases and sample ASN files which were used to build the Oppenheimer Group Case Study, are now available on the PTI website under Case Studies and Pilot Test Findings here.

Events: PTI Workshop in Miami Targets Retailer Requirements

Improving traceability was the topic at the Sept. 19 workshop in Miami hosted by the Peruvian Asparagus Importers Association (PAIA). The event, attended by more than 100 industry members, was designed to help representatives across that country’s fresh produce industry better meet traceability requirements. With some major retailers requiring PTI implementation as early as November 2013, produce industry professionals are paying close attention to best practices in traceability. Speakers included Ed Treacy, vice president of supply chain efficiencies at the Produce Marketing Association, and Dan Vaché, vice president of supply chain management for United Fresh Produce Association.

“We don’t need to implicate an entire commodity in a recall if there is a specific lot of produce that may be cause for concern,” Vaché told attendees. “The industry needs to be able to remove suspected produce from the supply chain in an expeditious manner."

(Left to right) - Peter Hill, Alpine Fresh, Director of Grower Relations and Food Safety. Dan Vaché, United Fresh Produce Association, Vice President Supply Chain Management.

News: IFT Launches Global Traceability Center

The Institute for Food Technologists (IFT) unveiled plans Sept. 11 for its new Global Food Traceability Center at a press conference held in Washington, D.C. The center is being established to bring a unified, food system-wide approach to address current gaps in researching, developing and implementing traceability. Food system stakeholders worldwide already support the public-private partnership; PTI administering organizations GS1 US and PMA, and PTI Leadership Council member Wal-Mart, are Founding Sponsors.

Reporting on the center to PMA’s membership, President and CEO Bryan Silbermann stressed the need to ensure that the produce industry’s substantial investment in traceability is carried forward as global food traceability standards are developed. The center will focus on four priority areas: research; protocols and standards; education and training; and technology transfer. To view videos and presentations from the center’s launch event, click here, or visit for more information.

News: GS1 US New Prefix Pricing Launches Oct 1

The annual license fees for GS1 Company Prefixes changed effective Oct. 1, 2013. The change will provide existing and prospective GS1 US members with better business planning flexibility in managing current and forecasted identification needs (number of unique items, locations and assets). To learn more about what the fee change means for your organization, click here.

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PTI in the News

Perishable News: “The [IFT Global Traceability] Center will serve as an authoritative, scientific, and unbiased source for food traceability.” (Sept. 16, 2013)

Food Manufacturing: “The Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) is beginning to take hold with major food retailers in the United States. Now is the time for your organization to prepare…” (Sept. 18, 2013)

Progressive Grocer: “We have reached a tipping point where the majority of the industry is getting behind PTI.” (Sept. 26, 2013)

America Fruit: “This workshop was designed to equip attendees with the knowledge and tools to move them to the next steps in implementing the PTI.” (Sept. 26, 2013)

Progressive Grocer: Shrink, traceability are hot topics in retail produce report. “A majority of respondents also reported being ready to meet upcoming produce traceability requirement deadlines under the Produce Traceability Initiative.” (Oct. 7, 2013)

Food Manufacture: “Consumer concerns about food traceability have risen rapidly this year, according to fresh research unveiled at the IGD Convention 2013.” (Oct. 9, 2013)

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